TV Lift cabinets
Carolina Wood Design's has teamed up with 
NEXUS21 to offer a very unique addition to our custom made cabinets. Nexus 21’s patented TV Lift Systems allow homeowners to save space and re-define their living areas by hiding their flat panel televisions and expensive jewelry inside cabinets or walls, then using a remote control to quietly raise them into view.

The reasons we choose NEXUS Lifts:
  • Made in America and very economical for a high quality product
  •  Longest Warranty – Five Years of Full-Replacement Coverage
  •  24- Hour/Lifetime Phone Support from the lift manufacturer
  • Decibel Tested to be the quietest lift system available
  • Safest Lift System - featuring auto-stop, screen locks, and no exposed tracks or gears
  • Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for public safety

  These lift systems are a great addition to our custom cabinets and can also be added to a piece of your existing furniture. Please contact us for pricing on the various lifts available or to discuss a very unique cabinet for your home. 


This is an example of one of our "Personal Theaters". These can be made to any shape and size. The TV or anything else you would like to conceal is hidden inside this base cabinet. Simply use the remote control and very quietly the center section of the cabinet will raise.

Shown above- the NEXUS lift is raising another cabinet out of the base cabinet, which is positioned at the foot of the bed. This hidden cabinet holds the flat panel TV on one side and a complete jewelry armoire, on the other.  

Jewelry side of cabinet- large enough to hold 30+ necklaces and bracelets and  100+ rings and earrings.  

In less than 20 seconds you are enjoying your personal theater!



Shown above is the top of the cabinet which is made from one piece of solid maple.

Below: Custom TV lift cabinet for conference room with 60" TV. 6 metal frame doors with acoustic fabric panels to allow all components to be hidden and allow sound to come through.
White lacquer finish with brushed aluminum metal/fabric doors.